Little Black Dress: The Tragic Take

Little Black Dress: The Tragic Take

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The LBD is an absolute must have, but most of them take the idea of a versatile dress for every occasion and make them SO boring. Not us! Here's our Tragic Take on LBDs to suit every goth, witch, and demon!

Laced to the Nines | Little Black Dress Outfit 1: Tied Up Skater Dress, Dragon Dance Cincher, Sweet Terror Bucket Bag

For the kids who like laces in all the right places!

Tied Up Skater Dress | Dragon Dance Cincher | Sweet Terror Bucket Bag

The Tied Up Skater Dress features lace up panels around the high neck, chest and shoulders, creating the look of a wicked cape. This baby is perfect for casual get togethers with yer coven, we recommend adding a waspie and a cute bag for all your secrets!

Winter Vibes | Little Black Dress Outfit 2: Zahara Hooded Dress, Living Dread Spiked Choker, XXXtra Tall Thigh High Socks

Take the comfort of a hoodie and turn it into a chic look!

Zahara Hooded Dress | Living Dread Spiked Choker | XXXtra Tall Thigh High Socks

The Zahara Hooded Dress is the perfect winter LBD with a roomy hood and long sleeve that you can easily accessorise: we recommend a chunky choker and thigh high stockings for a dangerously snug lewk!

The Smock Frock Anyone Can Rock | Little Black Dress Outfit 3: Moon Phases Oversized Tunic Dress, Waxing Crescent Bag, Believe in Magic Tights

Comfy casual is the order of the day-without sacrificing those witchy vibes of course!

Moon Phases Oversized Tunic Dress | Waxing Crescent Bag | Believe in Magic Tights

Restyle’s Moon Phases Oversized Tunic Dress is a styling dream, pairing beautifully with statement belts and corsets.

Business Bat | Little Black Dress Outfit 4: Amaymon Collar Dress, Worship the Night Hoop Earrings, Release the Bats Handbag

Creatures of the night have to work for their dough!

Amaymon Collar Dress | Worship the Night Hoop Earrings | Release the Bats Handbag

This gorgeous velvet frock is a corpgoth dream with a Peter Pan collar, ruffled sleeves and a keyhole chest. Pop on some statement jewellery and a cute clutch to slay at the office!

Late Night Rituals | Little Black Dress Outfit 5: Penumbra Halter Dress, Diamond Tease Thigh Highs, Pentagram Belt Silver

The Penumbra Halter Dress was made to show off yer bod!

Penumbra Halter Dress | Diamond Tease Thigh Highs | Pentagram Belt Silver

The pentagram charm creates a simple statement that can easily pair with all yer fave accessories, the halter neck and cutout the perfect pairing for mesh and net undershirts. Take it to the next level with wicked thigh high boots like the Shaker-350s!

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