Manic Panic Colour Chart Classic

Manic Panic Colour Chart Classic

Dying to know what bright hair colours Manic Panic has to offer? We've got you covered! Check out our Manic Panic hair colour charts!
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Dying to know what bright hair colours Manic Panic has to offer? We've got you covered!

Manic Panic offer an enormous range of bold & bright semi-permanent hair colours, not only are they cruelty-free and vegan friendly, but have the long-lasting brightness expectancy of 4-6 weeks.

Before we endeavor into your hair journey, I wanted to introduce myself to you! Rest assured all tips & tricks in this article are factually correct and come from the trusted source of myself - a hair professional with over 9 years experience in the hair industry, with in depth knowledge of colour theory, bright fashion colours and of course - Manic Panic Hair Colour. 

Explore below our colour charts to help you find your perfect Manic Panic shade.

Got The Blues?

Serve mermaid hair realness with these gorgeous blue hair dyes from Manic Panic! Create a stunning oceanic ombre by seamlessly blending shades like Blue Steel, Atomic Turquoise, and Voodoo Blue. Dive into the depths of vibrant color with the intensity of Bad Boy Blue or Rockabilly Blue. If you want to make a bold statement, Shocking Blue will always surely turn heads! For a celestial touch, try Blue Moon and let your hair shine like the night sky. No matter which shade you choose, these Manic Panic classics will transform your hair into a mesmerizing work of art.

Tip: When creating a blue balayage always go a deeper blue on the root such as rockabilly blue and melt down to the lighter shades on the end. You can blend by gently milking the deeper colour into the lighter after applying.

 Manic Panic Classic Colour Chart for Blue Hair | Colours featured - Blue Steel, Atomic Turquoise, Voodoo Blue, Bad Boy Blue, Rockabilly Blue, Shocking Blue, Blue Moon


Lavender Locks

Pretty as a petunia, Manic Panic's collection of rich purple hair colors will leave you in awe. With a range of nearly 10 captivating shades, there's something for everyone. Get lost in the enchanting depths of Deep Purple Dream or embrace the intense allure of Plum Passion. If you're craving a burst of electric energy, Electric Amethyst and Purple Haze will satisfy your vibrant desires. Unleash your inner royalty with the regal shades of Ultra Violet and Mystic Heather, or make a bold statement with the striking brilliance of Fuchsia Shock. For a touch of mystery and sophistication, Amethyst Ashes will leave your locks with a captivating smoky hue. With Manic Panic classics like these, your hair will be transformed into a stunning tapestry of purple perfection.

Tip: Add Manic Panic's  Fuschia Shock to your chosen purple shade if you want to brighten up your purple add a pink glow! 

Manic Panic Classic Colour Chart Purple Hair | Deep Purple Drea, Plum Passion, Electric Amethyst, Purple Haze, Ultra Violet, Fuchsia Shock, Mystic Heather, Amethyst Ashes, Deep Purple Dream, Plum Passion, Purple Haze, Ultra Violet, Amethyst Ashes, Mystic Heather


Pretty in Pink

Channel your inner beauty school drop out with these dazzling pink hair dyes by Manic Panic! Whether you're after a soft and sweet look with Cotton Candy Pink or a fiery and bold statement with Hot Hot Pink, Manic Panic has got you covered. Embrace your wild side with Electric Pink Pussycat or unleash your inner warrior with Pink Warrior. If you're feeling adventurous, Divine Wine will add a touch of mystery and sophistication to your locks. And for those who want to make heads turn, Cleo Rose is the perfect choice. With Manic Panic classics like these, you can rock any shade of pink your heart desires and create a truly unique and eye-catching hairstyle.

Tip: If you prefer your pinks softer & light add Manic Panics Pastelizer to tone your pink down!

 Manic Panic Classic Colour Chart Pink | Cotton Candy Pink, Hot Hot Pink, Electric Pussycat, Pink Warrior, Divine Wine, Cleo Rose


Mellow Yellow

Bring the sunshine with you wherever you go with Manic Panic's vibrant yellow hair dyes! Transform your locks into a radiant burst of color with shades like Electric Banana and Sunshine. These classic shades will light up your hair and add a bold and playful touch to your style. Whether you want a full head of electrifying yellow or to create dazzling highlights, Manic Panic has the perfect options to make you shine like the sun. Embrace the warmth and energy of these yellow hues and let your hair become a vibrant reflection of your vibrant personality.

Tip: If you're wanting to add a little sunset to your sunshine, mix in one Manic Panic's Psychedelic Sunset to create the perfect colour melt!

Manic Panic Classic Colour Chart Yellow | Electric Banana, Sunshine

Green With Envy

Be your truest forest nymph self with Manic Panic's enchanting range of green hair dyes! From the vibrant neon shade of Electric Lizard to the deep and captivating Green Envy, these green hues will make you the talk of the trees. Embrace the essence of nature and unleash your inner woodland spirit with shades like Venus Envy. Whether you're seeking a bold and daring transformation or a subtle touch of green, Manic Panic has the perfect shades to help you embrace your green hair dreams. Step into a world of mystical beauty with these green classics and let your hair become a stunning reflection of your connection to the lush and vibrant natural world.

Tip: If you want to brighten up your green but make it not quite neon, mix in a drop at a time of the Manic Panic Sunshine hair dye until you get your dream colour.

 Manic Panic Classic Colour Chart Green | Venus Green, Green Envy, Electric Lizard

Knock 'Em Dead, Red

Are you ready to unleash your inner villain or turn heads with a bold statement? Look no further than Manic Panic's captivating range of red hair dyes! Whether you're seeking a subtle and soft touch or a knock-out red that demands attention, Manic Panic has you covered. Embrace your dark side with the intense and alluring Vampire Red, or rock the stage with the rebellious vibes of Rock n Roll Red. For a classic and fiery look, Pillarbox Red will set your hair ablaze with its vibrant hue. And if you're truly passionate about red, Red Passion will make a striking and unforgettable impression. With Manic Panic's classic red shades, your hair will become a powerful expression of your unique style, leaving everyone in awe of your fierce and captivating presence.

Tip: If you're wanting your hair to look as delicious as a dessert, go 1:1 mix with a Manic Panic pink hair dye such as Cleo Rose to give you delectable candy red! 

 Manic Panic Classic Colour Chart Red | Vampire Red, Rock N Roll Red, Pillarbox Red, Red Passion

Copper? I hardly know her!

Reinvent yourself this season by turning up the heat with a vibrant shade of orange from Manic Panic! Embrace the fiery spirit with their collection of stunning orange hair dyes. Whether you're drawn to the rich tones of a traditional copper shade like Electric Tiger Lily or desire a more intense and mesmerizing look with Wildfire or Psychedelic Sunset, Manic Panic has you covered. Let your hair radiate warmth and energy with these captivating hues. And if you're seeking a softer and dreamy touch, Dreamsicle Creamtone will give your locks a creamy and delightful twist. With Manic Panic's classic orange shades, your hair will become a mesmerizing canvas, allowing you to express your unique style and passion for bold and vibrant transformations.

Tip: If you want to take some of the redness out of your orange hair colour, but still want it to be nice and bright, add Manic Panic's Sunshine Yellow to your colour mix, slowly add bit by bit until you're happy with the colour its showing!

Manic Panic Classic Colour Chart Copper Orange | Electric Tiger Lily, Psychedelic Sunset, Wildfire, Dreamsicle Creamtone

Natural Beauty

Not a fan of bright colors but still want to add a splash of vibrance to your hair? Manic Panic's collection of natural shades is the perfect solution for enhancing your natural color with added shine and brightness. Explore the subtle allure of Cobra, a shade that adds a touch of depth and richness to your locks. For a mesmerizing play of light and shadow, Tiger Eyes offers a captivating blend of warm tones. And if you're ready to embrace the darker side, Bat Outta Hell will infuse your hair with a bewitching and mysterious elegance. With Manic Panic's classic natural shades, you can elevate your hair game without compromising on your preferred subdued and sophisticated aesthetic.

Tip: As long as your natural is at least one shade lighter, you can use these colours without any pre-lightening to add a hint of vibrance to your hair, however for the brightest result possible, pre-lightening is recommended.

Manic Panic Classic Colour Chart Brown | Cobra, Tiger Eyes, Bat Outta Hell

Back In Black

Who could forget the timeless classic, Manic Panics Raven. This gorgeous shade of black throws hues of blue and deep tones of green giving it an iridescent sheen and depth! This black hair dye is a beauty cabinet essential!

Tip: If you're chasing a deep grey tone, add a dot of Raven to Manic Panic's Pastelizer to create a beauty blue-grey!

 Manic Panic Australia | Black Hair Classic Colour | Raven

Need to see them all together to decide? No worries! Below is a full chart of Manic Panic's Classic Colour.

Manic Panic Classic Colour Chart | Blue Steel, Atomic Turquoise, Voodoo Blue, Bad Boy Blue, Rockabilly Blue, Shocking Blue, Blue Moon, Deep Purple Dream, Amethyst Ashes, Plum Passion, Electric Amethyst, Purple Haze, Ultra Violet, Puschia Shock,  Mystic Heather, Cotton Candy Pink, Hot Hot Pink, Electric Pink Pussycat, Pink Warrior, Divine Wine, Cleo Rose, Electric Banana, Sunshine, Electric Lizard, Venus Envy, Green Envy, Electric Tiger Lily, Psychedelic Sunset, Wildfire, Dreamsicle Creamtone, Pillarbox Red, Red Passion, Vampire Red, Cobra, Tiger Eyes, Bat Outta Hell, Raven

Once you find your dream colour, take a selfie and make sure to tag us @tragicb on Instagram so we can share you with your hella hot hair! 



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