Ostara - the Spring Equinox

Ostara - the Spring Equinox

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I think we've all been feeling the tingling sense of excitement this week, as we approach Ostara this weekend. It's a great time to prepare our minds with anticipation for spring & enjoy feeling a childlike sense of positivity about the coming year. The spring equinox is 21-23 September in the southern hemisphere, and with it comes a focus on love, sex, and renewed life.

How to make the most of the spring equinox

Get outside and pick wildflowers. It will help you connect with nature and get excited about this period of change. As above, so below.  These are the times that we feel the connection strongest between ourselves and nature.

Now is a great time to start cleansing, clearing out your altar or reflective space, and begin to think about what you want out of the coming year. At every equinox, when the hours of the day and night are of equal length, it is the perfect time to reflect on the harmony of the whole, and with every lengthening day relish the power of the growing light.  Spring cleaning is not just about tidying up your physical space, but of clearing out old thoughts and behaviours and feeling renewed.

 Create a new sacred space.  Now is a great time to set yourself up a new circle, altar, or space somewhere indoors or outdoors to help us move from an ordinary state of mind to one focused on wants and desires. 

Try some new rituals. As the spring equinox is a great time to be outdoors at night, get yourself a picnic blanket and charge your crystals, get some friends and chill under the stars, get your partner and connect.  

You can find ritual supplies here, and occult books available here.

Some ideas for Ostara:

  • Set up your Ostara altar in the Pagan tradition. Use a mix of flowers, crystals and candles that are the colours of spring and rebirth.
  • Hold a Spring rebirth ritual. https://www.thoughtco.com/hold-a-spring-rebirth-ritual-for-ostara-2562479
  • Spring Cleaning – Cleanse your home inside and out. Sweeping, scrubbing, smudging, burning, re-organizing, more.
  • Spring Home Blessings - consecrate with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit. Bless the threshold.

Try this candle magic spell for Spring

What you need:

One black candle, one white candle, and some bay leaves, some charcoal to burn them, and if you want - some oil to anoint yourself. (You can use any oil you like, although oil that has bay leaves infused is best). Annointing oils, crystals, candles and other supplies can be found here.

Getting ready for the spell:

Meditate or focus yourself and your energy in preparation for the spell.

 If you are using oil, anoint yourself. Then sit down facing east. Have the charcoal burning the bay leaves in front of you and have the two candles on your left and right side.

 Place the black candle on your right signifying Winter, and the white candle on your left signifying Summer.

 Light the black one first, then the white one, and sit in between them.

The Spell:

Relax and watch the smoke while you focus your mind. Let yourself become truly charged with your intent.


“What holds me back, now I see.”

 Keep watching the smoke and let your mind find what holds you back. Find your negative thoughts and feelings. Focus on these until you have them distilled and separated from you. Then release them and overwhelm them with love, the love we should always provide to ourselves.

 When you have finished that part say:

 “What I seek, now I receive.”

 Let your mind find what you really want for yourself and your life. Let yourself feel a magnetising power going from you to your objective, guiding it back to you. Open yourself to receiving it and feel thankful for that.

 When you finish this step, say:

 “Now I am balanced, focused, and agile. I am as the wind blowing towards my happiness. I release my past just as the wind leaves its place and moves forward. No obstacle can stop me, for I am the wind, and I easily go around it. For all I know, it is absolutely certain that I am becoming happier in every way.”

 Let yourself feel that. Feel like you are the wind that blows towards your happiness and become one with it.

That’s it!

 Let the candles burn out completely or snuff and discard.

 Merry Spring Equinox

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