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Say Hello to Spring!

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Spring hasn't so much sprung as it has been gently bouncing around the walls of Tragic HQ.  The sun is gently warming us in preparation for the onslaught that is the Brisbane Summer, so we're caught in that awkward period where pairing a hoodie with shorts is an entirely necessary style choice.  Even with the lingering winter chills we're excited for the approaching blooms and celebrations that come with the approaching festivities of Beltane, so why not set your inner cottage goth free by bringing some florals into your wardrobe to welcome the new season! 


A picnic in a dress!  The lovely soft pastel plaid is sprinkled with a clover print that will make you feel like something out of a Victorian painting.  Why not take some inspo from the Punk Rave Sitting Pretty dress and gather your fellow witches for a springtime spread of snacks in your local park?  The sun can do wonders for your mood and you can take the opportunity to reground yourself in nature.


What is spring, if not an opportunity to live the fantasy of escaping to the forests, living in a hut and brewing up forbidden concoctions?  The warming weather is your chance to add some ethereal grace to your wardrobe selection and the Breathless Bardot top from Killstar is just the treat you need.  Forest green lace flows down in waterfall sleeves so you can be extra dramatic when you gesture wildly and land yer hexes!



Just because it's floral doesn't mean it won't kick your ass!  The Motel Shire Dress in Washed Ditsy creates a cute silhouette with a Peter Pan collar and cheeky keyhole chest.  Chuck on yer Docs and you've got a 90's throwback lewk that's all downtuned guitars and as if! attitude!


When the weather's still cool but you're more than ready for sandals, it's good to have a transitional pair in your wardrobe arsenal.  Our Tragic Veeps and staff (we see you, Brydie!) have been coveting the stompy Camel 103 platforms: they come in matte and patent and are the perfect blend of a sandal and a Mary Jane. They're super easy to style so go nuts with yer fave socks and stockings!


Punk rock gets real interesting below the equator, just ask OG cult brand Black Friday!  They've been kicking round in Melbourne since the 80's and are always bringing their unique flavour of Aussie grunge to the unholy masses. Our latest fave is their Spring Tartan shirt dress-it's like they saw into your pastel dreams and made outta tartan!  Deceptively sweet but loves to be covered in studs and chokers, just like you!  (pssst, it also comes in pink!)


We're so excited to stock the fabulous creations of Yiska, a fellow Australian producer of witchy delights.  Their items are designed in house and made from locally sourced Australian wood, so you can own treasures that will last you many years as well as being environmentally friendly and easy to clean. These gorgeous Mushroom Earrings are a fave among the Tragic team!


Spring isn't all about fashion and fighting lingering winter chills.  With the new season comes plenty of foraging opportunities for Hedge Witches and new planting opportunities for Green Witches to rejuvenate their gardens.  For those of you who have always wanted to try herbalism or heal yourself and strengthen your relationship with nature, The Green Hedge Witch is an excellent starting point.  Author Rae Beth covers everything the solitary witch needs to learn to work in harmony with the Great Mother. 

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