Spoil Your Witch This Christmas for $50 or less!

Spoil Your Witch This Christmas for $50 or less!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the season to desecrate the corpse of an appropriately festive bird for the table, erect the corpse of a tree and make a mockery of its memory by draping it in cheap plastic and make sacrificial offerings to an old dude and his enslaved reindeer. That’s all well and good, but now we have to spend money?  On the people we love because they deserve the best? And they’re going to do the same for us because they love us too???? Insanity!

Sometimes it’s too damn hard to narrow down the perfect gift, especially the witchily inclined when you’re on a budget. What do you get the person who already has all the jars, bones, crystals and cool looking rocks they could ever need? To give you a hand, here’s our patented list of witchy gifts for $50 or less to spoil your loved ones and totally show up Santa at the gift giving game.


These mugs tick all the boxes! Adorable cauldron shape? Check. Fierce dragon artwork by renowned illustrator Anne Stokes? Check. Has options for the major holidays of the Pagan calendar? Heckin’ check!!!

The best part about these babies is their colour changing effect: adding a hot cuppa will light up the symbols on the wheel of the year. These mugs are just $22.95 each and have versions for Litha, Ostara, Yule, and Mabon. Check them out here!


Does your favourite witch have a ridiculous collection of crystals? Ok, stupid question. Does your witch’s crystal collection sit packed away gathering dust when not in use or charging? Let them display their favourite gems, trinkets and more with this wicked Pentagram Shelf! It can sit freestanding or be hung up with the fixtures on the back. Even if there’s nothing to display, this baby is a work of art on its own! It’s also only 39.95, an absolute steal!


Make things a little more personal with our luxe range of Zodiac Candles. Each scent is inspired by the Zodiac sign, specially curated and featuring stunning artwork in a chic gift box. The candles are made with organic soy wax to keep everything ethical, and the wicks are wooden to produce a strong flame and a crackling sound as it burns. With a burning time of approx. 50 hours, this is a gift that will linger long in the air and in your loved ones heart.  These are $39.95 each but, if you want to grab one for their sun, moon and rising signs, you can use the code SIGNS to get 50% off the third when you buy two.


Has your witch been looking to dabble in divination? Give them a head start on their path with some of our wicked divination tools! Inked up babes can see what lies in the cards with the Tarot Ink & Intuition set for just $24.95: this comes with instructions and gorgeous tattoo inspired artwork on each card. Try your hand at casting runes with Aussie crafter Yiska’s Furthark Rune set.  At just $33, you can get your hands on hardy Australian wooden tiles that have been produced consciously, coming with a slip explaining the meaning of each rune. For something that looks as good on display as it does in use, why not try a Black Glass Scrying Mirror? Scrying mirrors are used to contact the spirit world for information about the past present and future and, unlike Ouija boards, are a practice that has been used since ancient times.


It’s warming up down under, we have the aircon running full blast at Tragic HQ! If your giftee is gunning for a beach trip, the Drop Dead Gorgeous coffin towels are an absolute must.  At $39.95, these morbid super soakers are made with soft microfibre to get you dry nice n quick while being slimmer than yer stock standard towel, making them super travel friendly. The fancy fringe edges mean it also makes an ideal one person picnic blanket for picnics or outdoor movie viewings.

If none of these options above spark your gifting inspo, we know that your loved one has been mentioning that thing they like. You know, that one with the lace? Or maybe it was the velvet…oh, never mind, you know they’re the only one who knows exactly what they want so why not enable their picky habits with a gift voucher? They start at $25 and go up to $500 if you’re feeling particularly generous.

Best of luck to all of you and have a merry whatever you want.

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