Witch Hunt 2: The Re-Undeadening

Witch Hunt Part II Starring YOU!


The mysterious phrase was:

"There’s no need to fear what goes bump in the night, unwelcome noises are chased off by the light, instead beware of who rises at dawn, to steal your chocolates and leave your taste buds to mourn"

The locations for each piece were:

Piece 1: Daemon Teacup & Saucer, Begone Bad Habits Spell, Yiska, 420, Crazy Color

Piece 2: Baphomet Crop Tee, Fan All Flames, Sustainable, Fair & Ethical, Zip Pay, Nandita Fruit Blast Incense 

Piece 3: Gothika-09 Black Mary Jane Heels, Party Pet Hoodie, OpenPay, Solar Yellow Professional Dye, Levithan Cross Plant Pot (Grey)

Piece 4: Rosemary, Amethyst Cluster (Small), Eternal Flame Spell Candles (Multi Colour), How to Celebrate Litha in Australia, Striped Crop Top

Piece 5: Spirit Board Resin Skull (Black), Waxing Crescent Bag, Lie Locks Classic Dye, Dark Academia, Introducing the Zodiac Candle Collection

Piece 6: Tumbled Stones (Hematite), Blaze Brooch, Colour Masque Candy Coloured Conidtioner, I Love Lucy Necklace, Cottage Goth.

It’s bigger. It’s bloodier. It’s got a Hollywood budget.

The sequel you never expected-or asked for-has landed. That’s right, Tragic Productions is proud to resurrect its favourite schlock horror series with Witch Hunt Part II: Electric Boogaloo! Our favourite cast of hapless victims is back to join in the hunt for a chance to win a spectacular $500 PRIZE PACK! Will you be final girl to our psychotic slasher? Read on to find out the deets!

Witch Hunt 2: The Re-Undeadening - Prize Pack Reveal!

Keep your eyes on this space when Witch Hunt 2 commences for our prize pack reveal!


Let’s set the scene: It's Friday the 15th of April at 9am, and a Treacherous Tragic has hidden 6 puzzle pieces all over the Tragic Beautiful website.

It’s up to you to peek around every dark corner and cautiously open every creaky door on all our webpages to discover the pieces. Once you’ve found them all, put them together to assemble the super-secret phrase. Comment the phrase on this blog to enter and escape with your life! The comments are hidden so you won’t be sharing spoilers with your fellow entrants.

We’ll announce the winner on the 19th of April.

Terms and conditions can be found here.


  1. Find the 6 unique puzzle pieces hidden around our website
  2. Put the 6 different puzzle pieces together to discover the secret verse
  3. Post the phrase in a comment below in the blog, along with your name and email (don't worry, comments are hidden so no one else can see this info!)
  4. We will select a random winner and contact them
  5. We will announce the winner on our social media on Tuesday 19th of April 2022


"I've found duplicates of the same piece?"

-Each of the 6 pieces has been hidden 5 times around the site to make them easier to find!

"Do I need to find 30 pieces?"

- Not at all! Once you find the 6 individual pieces you have everything you need to crack the secret code!

"Where should I be looking to find the pieces?"

- Everywhere! Including pages, blogs, product photos (not just the first one!) and descriptions!

They'll look a little something like this:

Example Witch Hunt puzzle piece

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