Blood Moon Rising

Blood Moon Rising

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So, we’ve all felt this eclipse was coming in one way or another. Most of us have felt swirling emotions, negative energy, been feeling strange or moody. Some of us have just felt extra anxious and stressed. For some even closer attuned to the moon, you could even be feeling disconnected or detached from reality. That’s because we are about to have a massive change. This lunar eclipse is like a complete shake up and emotional rebirth for lots of us.

This Saturday 28th (Australian time), the blood moon will arrive and tint the night with an ethereal red glow, intensifying the effects the full moon usually has. A blood moon is a full moon multiplied by a thousand, and the tension and promise of change it creates can be felt well before the eclipse begins and the energy ebbs away long after it’s over.  Mars will be in the same position in the sky as the moon and will intensify the moon’s directive of reflecting on destructive behaviour, making it more potent.

Check in on your friends this week and next! Go now and text, message or call them and make sure they are OK. This is important.

As the moon disappears into the earth’s shadow, it will reset emotions and allow you to part with negative emotional baggage.  This is the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century, so its effects will be felt throughout the weekend and into next week.

This is a great chance for meditations, spells and to begin a quest for change.

First – cleanse and charge your crystals

This is the perfect time. There are many ways to do this depending upon your intentions and the workings you need them for. But the most basic way is to clean them then put them out to bathe in the moon’s light.

Second - Try some rituals

The reflective and cleansing power of the blood moon provide the perfect opportunity to try some cleansing, blessing and banishing rituals. Try these ones out to start. 

Other ways to make use of a blood moon

  • Perform a full cleansing of your home
  • Perform some blessings for the coming month
  • Long-term spells that leverage this additional lunar power
  • Banishing rituals to get rid of the negative energy - and people - in your life
  • Brew blood moon tea (try this recipe here)

Complete your altar

Check out our range of ritual supplies and make use of this magickal time.

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