The Tragic Team's Current Beauty Faves

The Tragic Team's Current Beauty Faves

We quizzed the team at Tragic HQ about their current fave beauty treats!

Winter is the season for self care and dolling yerself up to beat the chilly blues! Wanna know which beauty staples the Tragic team are keeping the team feelin' great inside and out? We caught up with the magical girls behind the orders, customer service and horny marketing strategies to find out their current beauty faves!

Mel C: Head Witch - Vampire Red Amplified DyeManic Panic Vampire Red Amplified semi permanent dark red hair colour.

Manic Panic's Vampire Red is my go to hairdye as the Amplified formula is super long lasting and fades beautifully. I get foils done to make the colour pop but it also works really well over my naturally dark hair!

Mel B: Customer Service Superstar - Not Today Satan Hair Dye

Mermaid Salon Not Today Satan red demi permanent hair colour

This formula is sooooo easy to apply on the hair and it NEVER bleeds! I've always used Manic Panic until now but this Mermaid Salon shade is my new fave.

Abbey: Warehouse Fairy - Bacchus Grape Scented Vegan Bodywash

Tragic Bath & Body Bacchus grape scented bodywash.

The Bacchus bodywash smells so yummy! The grape smells just like Hubba Bubba and reminds me of when I was a little kid. Plus, most scented things don't work for my skin as they cause breakouts but I've never had an issue with Bacchus, it lathers up so nicely and makes my whole shower and bathroom smell amazing!

Juliana: Master Of The Warehouse - Wicked Ink Eyeliner Stamp Collection

Evil Eye Cosmetics Eyeliner Stamp Duo with moon, heart and star stamps.

I love all of the Evil Eye Cosmetics liners because on one end it's your staple felt tip liner but the other end is a bit extra. Also, some of us are a bit uncoordinated with eyeliner and the stamp is a safe way to make sure I don't end up with a black eye. :P

Mel K: Photographer Extraordinaire - Neptune Black Amber & Lavender Scented Body Lotion

Tragic Bath & Body Neptune black amber & lavender body lotion.

I use this moisturiser after a shower and every time I put it on the smell makes me happy! It also doubles as a soft scent for those who don't like to wear perfume. Also, its blue and it amuses me to no end and I pretend its 2009 again and ponder how did they do the makeup on Avatar so good?

Valentina: Social Media Guru - Magic Lash Pen

Deadly Sins Cosmetics Magic Lash Eyeliner Glue Pen

This Deadly Sins Cosmetics liner is legit magic! I'm terrible at gluing my lashes and they never go on straight so being able to do my liner AND have them stick at at once? I'm never using anything else!

Did any of our girls' faves catch yer eye? If so, you can shop our entire beauty collection here!

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