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Athame & Daggers

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Athame & Daggers

Shop Tragic Beautiful's beautiful range of athames and ritual daggers. We stock a diverse assortment of ceremonial athames with Egyptian and Celtic Goddess inspired designs to celebrate the Divine Feminine. These daggers are also made of a variety of materials to suit the user's preference, including metal such as brass or aluminium, acrylic for lightweight simplicity as well as various crystal athames including obsidian and selenite.

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An athame is a dagger or sword-shaped tool for use in Wiccan and Pagan ceremonies. Black handled athames were described in the Lesser Key of Solomon and its first legitimate ceremonial use is attributed to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.  

An athame represents the element of fire as one of the four Elemental Tools in modern occultism.  The other elements are the wand (Air), pentacle (earth), and chalice (water). 


An athame can be used for a variety of purposes, including directing your intentions and drawing protective circles. In all traditions, it is seen as an extension of the self and different groups will hold different traditions for athame use.

Athames need to be consecrated and bound to the owner before use in ceremonies, thus it's very improper to touch another Wiccan's athame without their express consent. The "sharp edge" of the athame should always be held in the direction the user is moving it, meaning double edge blades make the process of drawing glyphs and circles much less of a strain on the wrist.