Gothic & Alternative Clothing

Welcome to your Australian hub of everything gothic, witchy and darkly delicious! We’re on the cutting edge of alt fashion here at Tragic Beautiful and supply yer fix in all flavours of grunge, tradgoth, nugoth, Y2K, and more. Complete yer streetwear and casual lewks with tees, shorts and joggers or dress it up with extravagant formal dresses and skirts for special occasions, formals, weddings and trips to Woolies. We have a huge plus size range available so we can serve everybody and every body in clothing as well as lingerie and sleepwear.

Gotta Have It For: Everyday looks, special occasions, late-night parties, weddings, funerals, a day at the office, lounging around, working out.
What We’ve Got: Tops, pants, skirts, shorts, swimwear, dresses, sleepwear, lingerie, outerwear.


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