Justice XI tarot reading


Use this tarot card as you would a daily card pull. The purpose is to use the card to tap into your intuition, while reflecting on the card's meaning. Depending on which way up your card was when you picked it up, use the applicable reading below.  Think about a problem that has been on your mind, or about a goal you wish to reach. Study the image on your card and the words of your reading, and meditate on its meaning. 

If you receive the same card in multiple orders, look at the double draw reading for a deeper meaning of a double card pull. 

We have also included a crystal to aid your focus in meditating on the meaning of your card reading. Hold the crystal in your hand or place it somewhere in view while you study the card and the reading. We have chosen crystals suited to the theme of your card and the spiritual meanings of the selected mineral is below the reading.


You’ve just come off a major decision that has the power to greatly impact your life, are you prepared to deal with the consequences?  Whether you had influence over the outcome or the choice was made beyond your imput, you need to knuckle down and accept whatever may come.  Draw on your inner strength and stand tall with your head held high, there are no second chances or re-dos here but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of anything that pops up the winding road of life.

Encountering the Justice card twice in reversed position indicates you’ve recently uncovered the truth of a matter that’s shaken your view of the world.  Whether we like it or not, we create solid views of matters and aren’t always prepared for that to change; how we see our friends, for example, can sometimes only be what they choose to show, whether you’ve not reached a level of closeness to understand them deeply or if they’re intentionally keeping things from you.  Always remember that the truth is never black and white and you shouldn’t allow yourself to be upset by things you can’t control.  Face these upheavals with a sense of calm and integrity as this will allow you to see a clearer path forward, lashing out will limit your forward mobility.


The Chariot in reversed position appearing now means you need to look to home.  You may feel as if you’re struggling with your love life or your family may not feel as close knit as it used to.  You may feel the need to overcompensate by micromanaging everything and stressing over every little detail: what did that look mean?  Why did they use that tone when they said this?  Just take a step back and let things run their course-everyone has their own struggles they may be keeping to themselves, so just be open and patient with one another.  Coming together with honesty and understanding will allow balance to be restored.

Encountering the Chariot twice in reversed position indicates that you’re being to passive in waiting for your goals to achieve themselves.  While fate will always have surprises in store, motivation will not fall upon you-it’s your own drive that pushes you forward.  Make yourself a game plan to fit in with your schedule and go for it! 

Crystals to aid meditation


Carnelian restores vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity. It is useful as a source of courage, for dispelling apathy and motivating success, and improving analytic ability and raised perception.  Use it in rituals and meditations where calm, positive and analytic mindsets are essential.