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the high priestess reading


Use this tarot card as you would a daily card pull. The purpose is to use the card to tap into your intuition, while reflecting on the card's meaning. Depending on which way up your card was when you picked it up, use the applicable reading below.  Think about a problem that has been on your mind, or about a goal you wish to reach. Study the image on your card and the words of your reading, and meditate on its meaning. 

If you receive the same card in multiple orders, look at the double draw reading for a deeper meaning of a double card pull. 

We have also included a crystal to aid your focus in meditating on the meaning of your card reading. Hold the crystal in your hand or place it somewhere in view while you study the card and the reading. We have chosen crystals suited to the theme of your card and the spiritual meanings of the selected mineral is below the reading.


You’re experiencing disharmony between your masculine and feminine energies and it's caused the strong inclination to destroy everything around you and run.  Just hold on a minute: trust in your divine feminine energy, don’t be afraid to show sympathy in situations where all of your instincts are screaming at you to take an eye for an eye.

The high Priestess appearing twice is a call to action for that artsy streak of yours!  You don’t need to break out the paints and pastels here, but its time for you to inject some creativity into your routine.  Start thinking outside the box for how you approach hurdles at work, try something a little different organising your life at home, or just sit down with a good colouring book to calm your ass down!


You’ve lost trust in the only person who will always have your back-yourself!  You’ve allowed negative energies to cloud your judgement and have lead only with your head while leaving out your heart.  Do a few trust exercises with yourself and look back on the last 3 major and minor decisions you’ve made-how many do you hold regrets for?  Do you see the results lining up a lot with what your intuition and first impressions foretold?  If so, take pause from today to take heed of the warnings your heart may give. 

The High Priestess popping up twice in reversed position is a big HOLD UP when it comes to your money!!! I know you’ve been eying those boots for MONTHS but take just *one* more week.  Let it stew, let it mull and once the world doesn’t end money wise, you go nuts kiddo!!!!

Crystals to aid meditation


Fluorite absorbs negative energy and is useful as a learning aid. It is also a mineral that promotes impartiality and helps boost intuitive powers. Fluorite makes a great meditation aid at times you are reflecting on personal disharmony and needing objectivity to see a path through.