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The Magician Tarot Reading


Use this tarot card as you would a daily card pull. The purpose is to use the card to tap into your intuition, while reflecting on the card's meaning. Depending on which way up your card was when you picked it up, use the applicable reading below.  Think about a problem that has been on your mind, or about a goal you wish to reach. Study the image on your card and the words of your reading, and meditate on its meaning. 

If you receive the same card in multiple orders, look at the double draw reading for a deeper meaning of a double card pull. 

We have also included a crystal to aid your focus in meditating on the meaning of your card reading. Hold the crystal in your hand or place it somewhere in view while you study the card and the reading. We have chosen crystals suited to the theme of your card and the spiritual meanings of the selected mineral is below the reading.


You’ve recently ignited a fire under yourself to get moving on this new devious scheme of yours.  All you need to do now is FOCUS.  If this is something you need to pursue outside of work and school, set aside an hour a day to hash out a game plan, put thought into action and most importantly fight for this passion.  The only person out there who’s gonna make this happen is YOU.

Encountering the magician twice is a hint that money may be coming your way, but only if you’re willing to put in the hard yards.  You aren’t harnessing those creative skills of yours when the opportunity is right damn there!  Is there something at work you feel like you’d be *really* good at but the boss isn’t giving you the opportunity?  This is your cue to show off!  Take the initiative in meetings, ensure you put aside that hour of the day to polish off your creations and werk that talent, kid!


You’re on your way, you know what you want and you’re out there to get it!  But…why are you going there?  What was the *real* reason you have all this drive to succeed on this path?  Is it only you that comes out the victor in this scenario?  Remember to keep those close to you in mind while you’re on this road so your own victories don’t come at the cost of harming those close to you.

The Magician appearing in reversed position twice is the universe yelling “look up!”  You’ve been overfocussing on personal gain and it’s made you a little greedy, pushing you further away from your Higher Self.  Take a step back and look at the decisions you’ve made over the past week or even the past month: how many of these were made only to benefit you?  Did you stop to consider everyone involved in each scenario?  If not, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re selfish, we know you wouldn’t cause anyone intentional hurt!  From now on take conscious action to include everyone in your decisions, whether its accommodating them in your thoughts or asking for their direct input.  This will set you back on the path for good and open your mind to higher levels of consciousness.

Crystals to aid meditation

Rose Quartz

The soft pink shade of rose quartz could lead you to underestimate the power of this stone. Meditating with rose quartz provides you with powerful feelings of self-love and peace, leaving your mind clear to focus on your future goals. It dispels negativity and replaces it with positive vibes only. 

Use rose quartz in spells and meditation where the boosting of self-love, confidence, and harmony can aid your journey.