A Spell for Clarity

A Spell for Clarity

If you’re unguided, confused, lost - you can get clarity with this spell

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A Spell for Clarity

Following the steps to this ritual will grant you a true, unbiased telling of what you cannot see and a neutral ground to open the mind.

Perhaps recently life has seemed ovewhelming or the answer muddied, maybe you want a truthful glimpse into the mechanisms that guide your life, a transparent explanation. If you’re unguided, confused, lost - you can get clarity. 

The Altar

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The ritual must be performed in a darkened room, best works when the moon is in waxing gibbous phase, however it is not required and can still be effective without.

Before the ritual begins, fill up your cauldron a little over half ways with rainwater, if you do not have rainwater then tap water can suffice, rainwater is only preferred due to its powerful nature. 

A spell for clarity altar

The Ritual

  1. Have a candle burning to the front of your ritual cauldron

  2. Set the amethyst seer stone into the centre of the cauldron, avoid looking at the water after the seer stone has been placed. You don’t want to channel any expectations into the spell now that it’s activated

  3. While the stone purifies the water, take a smudge stick and cleanse the space. While cleansing please recite the words:

    “I am clear,
    I am fair,
    I am open,
    Show me”

    When the room has been cleansed, corner to corner, and has entered a neutral energy, you may set the smudge stick down in a place of your choosing and return to the cauldron

  4. Remove the seer stone from the centre of the cauldron, slowly take your candle and pour (or drip) the wax into the centre of the bowl.

    Trust the amount of wax poured in, it’s always the right amount.

  5. Observe how the wax looks in the water, if you feel as if you need a closer look the wax can be removed from the water. The shape/s of the piece will show you the answer. Meditate on the answer. Let the ritual guide you.

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