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Nightmare Relief Spell

November 11, 2021

Nightmare Relief Spell

If you are suffering from uneasy rest or distrubed dreaming - this ritual and spell pouch could aid in getting some well-deserved rest.

We call on the protective powers of black tourmaline and lavender, the sacred herb for pure dreaming - mugwort and mullein to recreate Passing the flame of midsummer.  

Though this ritual can be performed anytime, This method is most effective during Midsummer.

The Altar

Wrought Iron Mortar and Pestle
Mugwort | Witchcraft Herbs
Lavender | Witchcraft Herbs
Mullein | Witchcraft Herbs
Genuine Crystal Ritual Altar Sand
Juniper Smudge Stick
Blue Peace Beeswax Spell Candles
Cast Iron Cauldron

Nightmare relief spell altar

    The Ritual

    1. Use your smudge stick to cleanse the area as you prepare for this ritual. Recite the following incantation:

      "I am strong,
      I am not weak,
      So you prey on me while I am asleep.
      Now while I lay down to bed,
      Nightmare hide your ugly head"

    2. Add desired amount of Mullein to your cauldron, this is up to you depending on what your intuition tells you and and how big you wish to create your spell pouch.

    3. Set flame to your blue candle.

      Blue is the colour of tranquility, peace and meditation.

    4. Allow to burn and drip some wax into your cauldron onto the Mullein.

    5. To extinguish the flame, snuff the candle out into the mixture. If your mixture ignites, allow it to burn down naturally within the cauldron. Allow to cool.

    6. Transfer your mullein wax mixture to your mortar and pestle. Combine it with lavender, Mugwort and black tourmaline sand. If you do not have sand, a stone or shard can be added to the pouch later.

    7. Grind the mixture down. The wearing down motion symbolises the lack of sleep.

    8. Visualise transferring all your disturbed sleep into the mixture.

    9. When you are satisfied with the mixture, transfer it to a small pouch. If you have not yet added tourmaline sand, you can now add a stone to the pouch

      If you have a personal spell ending ritual, you may perform it here. If not, announce:

      "It is done"

      Alternatively you may clap 3 times.

    10. The pouch should be placed beneath your pillow or bedside while you sleep, whether it is day or night. It is the new target and will work to absorb the nightmare. Repeat this ritual as often as needed.

    11. If you are woken by a nightmare - Recite the above incantation to draw power from your spell pouch.