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Remove Negative Energy Spell

November 11, 2021

Remove Negative Energy Spell

Have you noticed some lingering shadows or strange, negative energy? Maybe someone earth side is displaying some bothering behaviour. Whether in this realm or that - there is a way to cast away an ominous presence or negative energy.

The following ritual can aid in removing evil from your personal space. It is best performed in the area where you feel the presence or within your own home. 

The Altar

Sweetgrass Smudge Stick 10cm
Resin Incense Blend | Go Away Evil | Small
Cast Iron Lined Cauldron

Remove negative energy spell altar 

The Ritual

  1. Prepare the ritual bowl or cauldron by adding a small amount of rainwater.

    If you don't have rainwater - any water will do, though rainwater is the most powerful.

  2. Taking your full length of sweet grass - use scissors or a ritual knife to cut it directly in half. The sweetgrass represents the serpent. Cutting it in half represents removing the "snake" from its "venom".

  3. Take one half of the sweetgrass and place it on a small altar cloth, hankerchief or fabric square. With the remaining half - light the end with a ritual candle or matches.

  4. Wave it over and around the piece on the cloth in a smudging ritual. Extinguish the smoldering sweetgrass in your cauldron of rainwater.

  5. As the sweetgrass enters the water, picture in your minds eye the entity or person that is bothering you. Recite the following words while the smudged grass is still in the cauldron.

    "Away with you,
    Away with you,
    Away with you".

  6. Remove sweetgrass from cauldron and allow to dry. This piece can be kept for future rituals or practice.

  7. You will now need your "Go away evil" resin and herb mix. Pour some of the mix (the amount is up to you and how powerful you want the spell to be) onto the cloth and sweetgrass.

  8. Wrap the sweetgrass and herbal blend in the fabric and bind securely with twine.

  9. Take your bundled spell and dip each end in the cauldron of rainwater, alternatively you may douse the whole bundle with the water.

    Now that you have separated the "snake" from its " venom" and bundled and bound the negative presence - you need to imprison it. This can be done by burying the bundle directly into the ground.

  10. Choose a space where you can return and retrieve it. When burying the sweetgrass bundle, ask the earth and nature to absorb the negative energy. There is no presence stronger than nature.

  11. Leave the bundle for 5 nights. This represents each point on the pentacle and counting down.

  12. After 5 nights, retrieve your spell. Remove it from the ground and thank the earth for helping you with your issue.

  13. If you have any personal ritual to end a spell it can be recited here. If not, clap 3 times to signal the end of the sacrament. Recite the words:

    "It is done".

The bundled spell may be dismantled and cleansed for re-use with the remaining part of your sweet grass. Discard the resin and herb mix. Either dispose of it or add it to your own Vial, separate from the remaining unused mix.