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Ringing Courage Spell

November 11, 2021

Ringing Courage Spell

There's something coming up, something big, something you need just that little bit more courage to deal with. Perhaps it's an interview, maybe even an audition, but you need just that bit more to help ease the mind. With this spell courage comes in the form of a bell, and can be acted on at a simple reach of hand. 

The Altar

Brass Wiccan Altar Bell
Butterfly Pea | Witchcraft Herbs
Amethyst Cluster - Small

 Ringing courage spell smudging

The Ritual

  1. Use a small bowl, preferably just large enough to fit the bell with a few centimetres to spare. 

  2. Fill the bowl a quarter of the way up with Butterfly peas. 

  3. Place an amethyst cluster in the middle of the bowl and place the bell on top. Make sure it fits. 

  4. Take around 10-15 minutes to light a smudge stick and cleanse the room the bell is in. Be mindful that you're not only cleansing the room, you're also cleansing yourself. 

  5. Ring the bell when you need to feel just a little more courage.

Be mindful that the butterfly pea will need to be replaced occasionally and the crystal recharged, when you feel its time to replace the butterfly pea, repeat the ritual.