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Spiritual Defence

November 11, 2021

Spiritual Defence Spell

There's an entity in the walls and it does not mean well to you it appears, lucky for you this spell exists to assist with just that! Repelling and banishing has never been easier before! 

The Altar

Mistletoe | Witchcraft Herbs
Ritual Crystal Spell Candle | Strengthen Magic
Pentagram Altar Offering Plate Horn
Triple Moon Candle Snuffer

 Spiritual defence spell ritual

The Ritual

  1. Mix sugar and honey together into a single substance and place it in a circle on the offering bowl. Give enough room for the candle to sit in the middle.

  2. Place Mistletoe into the sugar and honey mixture, then set the ritual candle in the centre of the circle.

  3. Light the candle and recite the words:

    "Begone the hearth,
    Be out of mind,
    Out with you,
    You are not welcome."

  4. If the candle begins to flicker, snuff it out with the candle snuffer. If the flame does not die, then continue.

  5. Once the flame has gone let the smoke drift away.