13 Goth Decor Finds To Soothe Your Black Soul in 2022

13 Goth Decor Finds To Soothe Your Black Soul in 2022

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Decor delights for the crypt that’s lost its creep.

Is your house of horrors overdue for a gothic makeover? We feel you! Luckily, we’ve been hard at work designing our own awesome range of spooky homewares with Haunted Mansion as well as stocking up on some absolute bangers from Killstar and Drop Dead Gorgeous.

If you’re in need of some deco-inspo, here’s our lucky 13 faves to turn your haunted house into a haunted home.

Makeup Mausoleum Coffin Shelf Organiser

Makeup Mausoleum Coffin Shelf Organiser

A storage solution for coffin cuties! This versatile shelf was designed to keep your beauty products in check, whether you want to hang it on your wall or sit it on your dresser. It also makes a great spooky spice rack or mini apothecary with built-in bars to keep your jars secure!

Love You To Pieces Round Table Cloth

Love You To Pieces Round Tablecloth by Drop Dead Gorgeous

Add a pop of goth-approved colour to your dining room! The Love You To Pieces Round Table Cloth is a great option for those of you with smaller or round tables, gifting you with an instant decor upgrade. Roses and bones are the most welcoming combo, after all!

Darkspell Teacup & Saucer

Killstar Darkspell Teacup & Saucer

Turn your tea break into a ritual full of whimsey! This adorable cup and saucer set features 3D butterflies that looks dainty and delightful on display in any kitchen or home office.

Ghostwriter Spooky Coffin Letterboard

Ghostwriter Coffin Letterboard

Spell out an unfriendly greeting or make your shopping list a little more fun! The Ghostwriter Letterboard comes with a stand to display whatever you have to say to your family or guests. Putting house rules in a coffin is certainly one way to scare your kids into following them!

Contour Catacomb Coffin Brush Holder

Contour Catacomb Coffin Brush Holder

Another versatile decor piece! This cute li’l coffin holder makes a great desk or dresser companion, storing your pens or make-up brushes in style.

Wooden Mini Shelf | Cauldron

Mini wooden cauldron shelf in black.

Show off your trinkets! This adorable cauldron shelf can be hung on your wall or sit freestanding, great for showing off tumbled crystals and your small collectibles.

Eclipse Apothecary Shelf | Small

Eclipse small moon shaped openwork shelf.

Keep your witchcraft tools in check! This little open shelf lets you display your herbs, crystals and resins in all their glory. Also available in large.

Daemon Coffin Box 

Killstar Daemon ceramic coffin box

Lay your odds and ends to rest in style! The Daemon Coffin Box is a beautiful ceramic piece embossed with elaborate designs on the lid. A great spot for jewellery, crystals and that cool rock you found while out walking.

Arachnid Candle Holder

Killstar Arachnid spider shaped ceramic tealight candle holder.

What haunted house would be complete without a resident spider? This little candle critter from Killstar’s gorgeous Arachnid range is finished in a glossy black to suit any decor scheme. Best of all? It holds your tealights in its butt!

Sweet Screams Pillowcases

Rose Demon Sweet Screams skeleton cat standard sized pillow cases.

When you need your snoozes to be as stylish as your waking wardrobe! The Sweet Screams Pillowcases feature creepy-cute artwork by the talented Rose Demon so you can update your bedspread in a snap. A must have for spooky bedrooms!

Baphomet Backflow Incense Burner

Nemesis Now Baphomet backflow cone incense burner

This wicked burner is one hell of a statement piece, even when you’re not using it for incense! Using it with backflow incense cones creates a mesmerising waterfall effect with the smoke, great for setting the mood for your guests! (Fear is a mood, right?)

Zenith Wall Mirror | Black

Zenith black pentagram hanging mirror.

Mirrors are a decor re-do staple as they create the illusion of space. This witchy little mirror features a black metal pentagram design that hangs from a chain, perfect for hanging on a blank wall that’s screaming for something special.

Brimstone Tarot Altar Cloth

Drop Dead Gorgeous Brimstone tarot altar cloth with fringe.

This cute altar cloth features a demonic print as well as a 4 card template for tarot reading sessions. Lay it out to protect your altar or create a dedicated space for reading your cards!

Check out our full range of spooky decor here and get stylin'!

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