What Is Dark Academia? Our 2023 Style Guide.

What Is Dark Academia? Our 2023 Style Guide.

What is dark academia all about? Learn the secrets behind this trending aesthetic inspired by Victorian fashion and dark literature and, most importantly, how to style it yourself!

Our Fave Dark Academia Outfits for 2023!

If you're the kind of person who finds solace in the hallowed halls of libraries, craves the scent of old books, and knows that a cup of earl grey is the elixir of life, you're about to embark on a fashion journey that resonates with your dark academia heart. Welcome to the realm of "Gothic Dark Academia Fashion," where intellect meets intrigue, and style is an art form.

Dark Academia is all about embracing that beautifully brooding aesthetic, but why not kick it up a notch? Let's fuse the enigmatic allure of dark academia with the spellbinding charm of the gothic. We're here to introduce you to a whole new world of dark academia clothes that are as chic as they are scholarly. We'll help you master the art of academic goth, crafting dark academia outfits that channel the timeless charm of the classics while indulging your inner dark spirit. Think of it as the 'Dark Academia Core,' where fashion becomes a portal to a bygone era, and you emerge as the epitome of intellectual cool. So, if you're ready to dive into the depths of style dark academia, keep reading because we're about to redefine the way you dress, one aesthetic dark ensemble at a time

What Is Dark academia?

Dark academia is an aesthetic that takes inspiration from classic literature and fashion trends of the 19th century. Dark academia romanticises education and the pursuit of knowledge, particularly concerning dangerous subjects surrounded by a sense of mystery; think The Picture of Dorian Grey, Victor Frankenstein pursuing the creation of life or Evelyn transcribing ancient hieroglyphs in the 1999 film The Mummy. 

How Do I Dress For The Dark Academia Aesthetic?

Dark academia is a mash-up of different eras of styles, including sweater vests and sweaters tied over the shoulders popular with the American prep aesthetic, vintage blazers modelled on the school uniforms of the 1940s, and tweed fabric. Footwear is often Victorian-inspired, including Oxfords, Mary Janes and brown leather-look lace-up boots. This can be easily given a gothic twist by swapping out white or athletic knits for black sweaters and witchy boots, tweed jackets for brocade coats and brown shoes for black Mary Janes with broguing. Imagine how you’d want to look exploring ancient bookshelves in forbidden libraries or happening across demonic inscriptions no mortal was meant to see.

Here are a few dark academia outfits to get your inspiration flowing:

Nevermore Academy 

Dark Academia Fashion, Wednesday Adams Fashion

It wouldn't be a blog about dark academia fashion without having an outfit based off Wednesday Addams! Starting with the aptly named Nevermore Collar Dress with an optional chain harness, we built up from there with the Antimatter Fishnet Socks, Double Cross Hair Clips to pin either side of your fringe or all the front of your hair back. The Camel-103 Mary Janes by Demonia are a dark academic essential, and we finished this 'fit off with the Bat Wing Wallet

Down With Homework, Up With Shirt Dresses

Dark Acadamia Fashion Tragic Beautiful

The Phantasma Shirt Dress by Punk Rave is a dark academia staple! Wear it loose and flowy or add the Premonition Under bust Harness to cinch in the waist and add a splash of gothic flair! The Crescent Moon Tights add a gorgeous detail to the overall dark aesthetic of this 'fit and we added the The Morrigan Necklace to tie in the silver hardware of the Assault-38 Black Ankle Boots! Throw a coat over the top of this 'fit in the colder months and you've got yourself a staple outfit for all year round! 

 Too Cool For SchoolDark Acadamia Outfit Inspo! Shinobu Shorts, Apophis Bat Collar Blous, Camel-58 Oxford Shoes

Not a fan of dresses? No worries! This dark academic aesthetic is built on the sweetest pair of shorts - the Shinobu Shorts in black, with their delicate corset style laced ribbons at the front, these shorts are a sweet statement and the perfect bottoms to tuck the Apophis Bat Wing Collar Top in to! With a pair of black ribbed thigh high socks to create balance and dimension to this 'fit, the Camel-58 Oxford Shoes scream summer school ghoul and their little ghost detail on top add a pop of white to break up the outfit. Throw the Mathurine beret on top and you're book core aesthetic ready!

Have we got you inspired? Check out our full dark academia collection here!

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