Amethyst and Agate

Amethyst and Agate

Crystals have lots of amazing benefits when placed around the home, within your altar or circle space, or just worn or held. Whether you're trying to spark more passionate energy around you, or meditate and focus more effectively, try adding crystals to boost that vibe you're looking for.

phone stones crystals on a popsocket

Agate and Amethyst Phone Stones; High quality hand made crystal attachments on a genuine pop socket. 


This gorgeous purple crystal carries the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality. It can be easily found now, but in history amethyst was considered to be the connection to the divine, and was as valuable as diamonds. 

How to use Amethyst

  • Wear or carry to protect from psychic attack (negative energies from other people we encounter). The ancients wore amethyst when out drinking, as excess alcohol weakens us against negative entities. Try bringing some with you to the club next time ;) 
  • Add it to your altar to aid in meditation and dream work, when focusing on a ritual outcome
  • Surround yourself with it when focusing on your own psychic energy
  • Decorate your home to attract peace and tranquility 
  • Hold a piece firmly in your hand to aid clarity when making important decisions

Dark amethyst clusters

Extra dark amethyst crystal clusters


Agate has varying properties according to the colour/s it contains.  Where purple agate promotes inner stability and composure, dark agate gives inner strength. Agate is also sometimes dyed to enhance its appearance, and while many don't think it makes a difference to the energy of the crystal, some do so check descriptions before purchase.

How to make use of agate:

Purple Agate

  • Keep it close to you for comfort when facing fears
  • Wear or carry it to promote inner stability, composure, and maturity.
  • Place it around your dream or meditation space to improve intuition and enhance dreams

purple agate slice phone stone popsocket


purple agate slice phone stone popsocket

Purple agate phone stone

Dark Agate

  • Keep it close to you for grounding and calming peace
  • Decorate your home with dark agate to promote a more calm household
  • Hold it in your hands when making practical decisions
  • Use it in rituals to cleanse your home or yourself of jinxes or bad luck

dark agate popsocket phone stone

Dark Agate phone stone 

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