Resin incense: What is it & how to use it

Resin incense: What is it & how to use it

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Resin incense is one of the oldest smoke-producing aromatics, having been burned for centuries during sacred rituals. But they are also just as great at infusing your home with evocative scents, and a lot more easily personalised.

What is resin incense?

Resin incense is made from small beads of hardened tree saps such as copal, dammar and styrax.  These resins are then coloured and imbued with essential oils. These are then mixed with other aromatics such as Boswellia Papyrifera or Commiphora Myrrha, dried flower petals, wood chips, to create a blend that smokes and diffuses a scent when heated.

Copal tree resin

Copal Tree Resin

These resin incense blends are powerfully aromatic, so only a small amount (less than half a teaspoon) is required each session.  We have created our own range of blends, designed to evoke particular emotions or to help create a desired atmosphere when working spells and rituals.

resin incense burning in a cauldron

The best thing about resin incense is that you can vary the intensity of it by choosing how much to burn each time, so you don't have to be overwhelmed by a set amount like with stick or cone incense.    

How to use resin incense

Resin incense needs to be burned in a heatproof container, such as a kettle, cauldron or brazier.  We have a range in stock suited to burning resin incense and charcoal discs.

charcoal tablets for resin incense

Charcoal tablets

  1. Light your charcoal disk by holding it with heat protection (eg tongs or fireproof gloves) until it sparks and heats up. If you are burning small amounts of resin, you can break the discs into smaller pieces rather than burn an entire disc.
  2. Place the lit disc into your heat proof burner.
  3. Spoon or sprinkle a small amount of resin over your charcoal. Alternatively, you can place the resin incense into the cauldron, and place the charcoal disk on top. This will heat it up more though and create more smoke.
  4. Enjoy your resin incense. Remember to ensure the cauldron or brazier is on a heat resistant surface to avoid contact burns.

Resin incense blends

resin incense in a brazier

Incense burning in a brazier

We stock a range of Aether resin incense blends with divine scents for all kinds of moods. Check out the range of incense and burners here. 

resin incense blends

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