Celestial Events mystery boxes

Celestial Events mystery boxes

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Meteor showers, moon phases, and stunning light shows. There’s something about gazing up at the night sky that can fill you with a sense of peace and inspiration. It feels like you are connecting with the whole universe as millions of other people are watching too. For practitioners of witchcraft, these events are also a rare opportunity to imbue spells with an abundance of magical energy not available at other times, and can bring about a psychological transformation that aids in the focus of manifesting your desires and clearing out negativity caused by past events.

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The boxes will go live on 11 September, which coincides with the date Neptune is at opposition with the earth (release times are below). On this date the blue ice giant is closest to our planet and will look magical when viewed through a telescope. Neptune’s influence on us is emotional, sensitive and receptive. The outer planets in our solar system remain within particular signs for a lot longer (Neptune, for example, takes 14 years to move out of a particular sign), and so their energies can influence an entire generation. Neptune helps develop and enhance creativity, so this is a great time to indulge in artistic pursuits. The god Neptune wields the power of intuition, so this is also the perfect event to practice your divination skills.


Celestial Events mystery boxes

This year has been trying for all of us and we could all use a bit of self care. This mystery box is all about that! This is our most packed box so far, and it’s full of divine pampering products that look and smell amazing, gorgeous things for your home, and some divination tools and accessories for you to work with during upcoming celestial events.

The theme of this box is a little lighter than previous ones, but still strongly in our aesthetic and we are sure you will love everything we’ve created for you! We have created some northern & southern lights-themed products and a new signature scent, Neptune.


These boxes are not a way for us to clear out old stock. It is full of items we have never sold before, may never sell again, and many of them have been custom-made just for this mystery box. We have had stuff made for us by local artists and creators in an effort to support small & ethical businesses.

There are two different boxes this time, and each has a minimum value of $210. At launch you’ll get a chance to choose a pink or black – they have equal value (with some lucky boxes worth a lot more!) but this way ensures if you want multiple boxes they will be different, and if you want similar boxes for you and your bestie to unbox together, you can!

Release times

FIRST DROP – 9:30am AEST 11th September

FINAL DROP – 7:00pm AEST 11th September

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