Chaos Mystery Box + Mini Box

Chaos Mystery Box + Mini Box

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Pure, unadulterated chaos.

The world is a mess of craziness and chaos with no reprieve in sight. We here at Tragic HQ aren't immune-it's been an absolute whirlwind of sales and planning new goodies and surprises for our Tragics among the *gestures vaguely at the state of the world*. 

We've found that if you want to find bliss, you've gotta make it yourself: to help you find yours we've emerged from the ashes of August madness like a stressed out phoenix to bring you the Chaos Mystery Box and Mini Box! 

Because we all need to find an anchor in the new abnormal, we've created two spectacular boxes with a chaotic blend of witchy and gothic, blissful and exciting goodies to give you a taste all the colours of the insane-bow.

Our Chaos Mystery Box is the same size as our previous boxes - this time with a wicked assortment of new creepy and wonderful delights priced at $139.95. Click here to sign up for Mystery Box notifications!

But we love giving our Tragics all the options! For those of you who have yet to be bitten by the Mystery Box bug and want to try something a little smaller to start with, let our Chaos Mini Box give you a nibble! This little cutie is $69.95 and filled a special blend of delightful treats in a compact package. The surprises inside are completely different to those in the larger box, so you can grab both for a complete chaotic collection!  Click here to sign up for Mini Box notifications!

There will be two launches on the 8th of September: the first at 9:30am QLD time and & 7:30pm QLD time so both the early birds and breadwinners get a chance to snag a box!

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