Mary Wyatt: Refreshingly Ethical

Mary Wyatt: Refreshingly Ethical

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In a period where consumers have never been more aware of the environmental and ethical impact their spending habits have, it can be hard to keep your wardrobe looking fresh without wondering where the hell these threads came from. 

Enter Mary Wyatt: formed in 2016 with a hardcore fanbase in London, this indie brand has been thriving with their uniquely dark designs born of their love of contemporary metal culture. 

Mary Wyatt prides itself on producing super limited runs of their items, designing everything in-house and printing them on site in the UK.  This prevents the waste fast fashion often produces and ensures the brand remains committed to sustainability and most of their iconic tees are made with 100% organic cotton.  Tragic Beautiful is proud to be the only store in Australia to stock these unique pieces, so here are a few of our faves to get you acquainted:

Heavy Metal Vibes

The Ohm Smock dress is the perfect in-between for those needing an i-don’t-care outfit for casual street looks that looks damn fine without sacrificing comfort.  It’s by far our Tragic’s fave dress and with a versatile, relaxed silhouette with a print that echoes the chill of the Norwegian black metal scene, you can see why.

Health Goth Trove

Staying active bites hard but these threads bite harder.  The Metal High Waisted Legging Shorts are the thigh rub beating, false cord screamin’ must for you health goths on the run.  Grab em’ before they tear off down the road!

Wicked Graphic Tees

Never allow yourself to fall victim to plain white tees: the Lotso 90's Crop is a throwback tee with a dark sense of humour.  Burn down the house with a deadly teddy in pastel pink and pitch black!  An absolute killer to pair with mini skirts and hi top sneakers.

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