Divination tools

Divination tools

Divination simply means connecting with the divine; ritual means of accessing hidden knowledge.   Whether you are connecting with an external intelligence (such as spirits or angels) or connecting with your innate knowledge (intuition or what Jung described as the collective unconscious), the focus of a divination ritual can be really useful in determining answers we seek, as they push us from a logical mind into an intuitive one.  There are many tools and pathways for divination, and while this list is not exhaustive, it aims to give insight into some of the more popular forms of this practice, to help you choose which form of divination resonates best with you.


Divining with meaningful stones is a practice as old as the temple of Apollo. Crystals with specific meanings are cast and their position or layout is interpreted.  Rose quartz, amethyst and flourite are popular choices for crystal divination as they can be sourced in meaningful colours, however you can choose any crystals that are meaningful to you. Attune your crystals on a crystal grid for specific purposes before casting for specific focus to your workings.

Crystals can also be used as pendulums, which are energy amplifiers that use their inner power to intuit. Read more here about clearing and charging crystals for these uses.


Divination via tarot card reading has been popular since the eighteenth century, although the cards themselves existed for hundreds of years before this. It's important to choose cards that 'call' to you through their design. Whether tarot of the old path appeals, or if it is more modern occult designs (or something else entirely) that catch your attention, the art is only important for you to feel affinity with your deck. The decks consist of seventy-eight cards divided into two arcana (or groups), with twenty-two major and fifty-six minor cards arranged into four suits. Shuffling and placing the cards reveals an interpretation of the question you are asking, and through learning of these meanings you are to divine the answer you seek.


Catoptromancy is the art of divination with a black mirror. While they were originally made from a disc of polished obsidian, modern scrying mirrors are often made from black glass or a number of other materials. In a pinch, you can even use the screen a switched-off laptop! 

Scrying involves focused meditation on your reflection in the glass. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and allow a question to form in your mind. Your relaxed gaze into the glass will reveal your form changing shape meaningfully as you meditate on the question. Some who practice scrying as divination report a change in the colour or outline of your form, and others see visions of meaningful symbols.  


Rune symbols are an ancient sacred alphabet. Their use when inscribed create powerful talismans and amulets. Rune stones are inscribed with these symbols and are cast to divine meaning. Stones can be cast in a number of ways, such as in the grid of destiny, a grid of nine runes that reveal the influence of your friends and family, and what helps and hinders you most on your journey. 


Numbers are said to have unique energy signatures, each with its own meaning. Different cultures around the world and throughout history have used varying interpretations on the numbers and their meaning, making this one of the most cross-cultural forms of divination. Numerology finds meaning with the numbers associated with your birth and your name, and can be extended to other numbers that are meaningful to your life, such as your house or apartment number or your phone number.  If you have a natural affinity to numbers, this form of divination can be richly rewarding.

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