How To Customise Your Mortuary Coffin Shelf!

How To Customise Your Mortuary Coffin Shelf!

Check out our hassle free DIY to personalise your coffin shelf!

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Check Out Our Hassle Free DIY to Personalise Your Coffin Shelf!

Mortuary Coffin Shelf with Customised DIY Cottagecore Backboard

If there are two things we know alternative ghouls love - it's home DIY projects and coffins! Our in house brand The Haunted Mansion has just released the Mortuary Coffin Display Shelf, and unlike our other coffin shelves - the Mortuary has a removable backing board which enables you to customise the internal colour of your shelf! The Mortuary also allows for its top two shelves to be removed, giving you the ability to store taller items in it than any other shelf! 

I've had so much fun recently testing and trailing different patterned fabrics on my coffin shelf, and to help you out with yours - here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself in all but 5 minutes! Don't worry - there's no sewing involved in this tutorial!

What You Will Need:

Step 1: Remove The Backing Board

Remove the backing board from your Mortuary Coffin Shelf

The backing of the Mortuary Display Shelf is similar to that of a traditional photo frame, push the metal tabs either up or down until completely turned outward to ensure they don't get bent or damaged while removing the backing board. Once the tabs have been moved, slide either your finger or wooden or plastic knife to pry the backing board off, ensure to be patient while you do this to not damage it. 

Step 2: Choose your Fabric

Choose your perfect fabric to customise your display shelf

This step is probably the most fun! Pick whichever fabric suits your aesthetic the best, however for ease of use I recommend using a non-slippery fabric such as a cotton based fabric or a velvet. If the fabric you want to use is quite thin and slippery, you still can use it, however it will just be a bit more tedious to fold and pin.

Step 3: Time to Get Folding

Folding your chosen fabric around the backing board of the mortuary coffin shelf

Lay out your fabric on a flat surface (either the ground or a table) and place the coffin backing board on top, velvet side down in the middle. Begin by folding the bottom edges of the coffin in on an angle, folding in on an angle will snugly fit the coffin shape and give you an even amount of fabric at the bottom to fold over, similarly to when you're wrapping a gift. Pin the fabric from the two bottom edges together, you can do this with either a safety pin or sewing pin.

Adding pins & finalising folding your chosen fabric on the backing board

Then fold the remaining bottom half over 1/3, then do it once more to create a sturdy fold to then pin to your already pre-pinned fabric. 

Now, repeat the steps with the top half by folding in the top edges on the opposite angle to create the angular coffin shape. Secure these folds by once again pinning.

Step 4: Put The Coffin Back Together

Replacing the backing board of the coffin shelf and securing with metal tabs

Now that your fabric is secure around your backing board, replace it back in to the display shelf and secure it in with the metal tabs, make sure they're all placed back before rotating your coffin shelf back!

Step 5: Time to Display Your Work!

Mortuary Coffin shelf with personalised knick knacks added and displayed

Now that you've finished customising your coffin shelf, it's time to either hang it up on the wall using its already included saw tooth hangers or place it on a shelf, bedside table, dresser or buffet and fill it full of your favourite knick knacks, beauty products, stationary, oddities and more!

Prefer to watch a video tutorial? Check out our step-by-step video here!


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We're so excited to see how you customise your Mortuary Coffin Display Shelves, make sure to tag us at @tragicb on Instagram so we can see!

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