How To Use A Hairstick

How To Use A Hairstick

Want to level up your hair styling game? Check out our easy step by step guide on how to use a hair stick!

Love the aesthetic of hair sticks but unsure on how to use them? No worries! Here's an easy step by step guide on how to style hair sticks.

Whether your hair is down to your elbows or up to your shoulders, curly or straight - hair sticks are a simple yet gorgeous way to add a splash of style and glamour to any outfit! If you follow us on any of our social pipes (such as Tiktok or Instagram) - you'll know that styling hair sticks is one of our specialties, that's why we've put together this guide walk you through the process.

This technique is applicable for either styling all your hair up with the hair stick or creating a half up half down hairstyle with one. 

Let's dive in to this step by step guide and get styling!

What you will need:

 Step 1: Choosing Your Hair Stick

Three Silver Hair Sticks by Tragic Beautiful

Before you begin, make sure the hair stick you're using is right for your hair. If you have thinner/finer hair, or shorter hair - I recommend using a lighter hair stick such as the Reap the Harvest Hair Stick. If your hair is thick, long or curly, I recommend using a thicker and stronger hair stick such as the Blade Of The Goddess. You can determine whether or not a hair stick is right for your hair by the body of it, if its thinner - it's most likely to be light in weight, if the design is thick like a sword, it's better for hair that is a bit stronger and longer to be able to hold it in.

Step 2: Brush Your Hair

Step one of how to use a hair stick - brushing your hair

With your hair out, comb it or brush it, or if no other options just use your fingers - this will help smooth out the hair, remove the knots and make the wrapping of the hair around the hair stick easier, it also saves you from dealing with any major knots upon removal.

While brushing your hair, begin to brush it into a ponytail in your hand, if you're doing a half-up-half-down style, splice your hair into two sections with a horizontal part, then brush the top half into a ponytail into your hand as well.

Step 3: Twist & Wrap

Step two of how to style a hair stick - twisting it in to the upstyle

Now, it's time to grab your hair stick and rest it on the hair above the hair that is gathered in the ponytail in your hand. Next, twist the hair at its base anti-clockwise while beginning to wrap it around your hair stick. While you twist the hair around the stick, continually twist the stick itself in an anti-clockwise direction until the hair and stick feel firm against each other. 

Step 4: Push & Place

Step 4 of how to use a hair stick - pushing the hair stick in place

While your hair is firmly wrapped around the hair stick, it's time to slightly pull the hair stick out, hold the hair firmly against the scalp and then wriggle & push the hair stick back in to the twisted hair against your head. If you do this step and it feels as though the hair stick is still loose, I recommend weaving the hair stick in and out of the hair until it feels secure against your head. 

Step 5: Polish & Style

Three finished hair stick upstyles with hair sticks by Tragic Beautiful

Now that your hair stick is securely wrapped up in your hair, smooth out any pieces gently with your hands and comb and feel free to style any front pieces left out by curling or straightening them to complete the look!

 For a step-by-step video on how to use a hair stick, watch our TikTok below!


@tragic_beautiful step by step tutorial on how I use our hair sticks! I'm using the Blade of the Goddess hair stick in this video, and all I do is brush my hair into a ponytail in my hand, then grab my hair and twist and wrap it around the stick twice. I then pull it out, push the stick back through wiggling it in to allow the stick to catch on to the hair securing it internally and make a few lil adjustments and yer done! If you have any other requests on how to use our hair sticks, let me know in the comments 🖤 ✨ #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #hair #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #alternative #witch #hairtok #gothic #hairsticks #jewellery #gothtok #hairstyle #splitdye #alternative #alt #tutorial #hairtutorial #hairstyling #stylinhinspo #gothhairstyle #althairstyle #cottagecore #witchyaesthetic #disney100 #muckupday ♬ Fukashigi no Carte Lofi Hiphop (Bunny Girl Senpai) - bvyunx


 Now your hair stick upstyle is all done, make sure to take a photo and tag us @tragicb on Instagram!

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