Go Out With A Bang! Killer Outfits For A Goth NYE

Go Out With A Bang! Killer Outfits For A Goth NYE

SEE YA 2021!

Hoo boy, that was exhausting! It's very cliché to say "this year was full of ups and downs" around holiday time, especially because 2021's "ups and downs" were less like bumps in the road and more like being flung around on a rollercoaster with the harnesses only partially secured. 

No matter whether your own ride was smooth or full of rickety rails, it's always a little relief when we crawl to the end of another year and definitely a cause to celebrate-in spooky style!

We've cast a little fashion magic and conjured up some killer outfits ideal for giving 2021 the middle finger over a glass of champas. Check 'em out below! All of the dresses featured are available in plus size too.


When you came to party and maybe behead someone during the countdown. Look badass in the Damnation Bardot Dress and the sinful Poisonflower Belt, which sits gorgeously over your hips. Out brand new Devil's Spurs Headband feels like a weaponised crown, complementing the heavy metal and studs of the Delight 658 heels. Finish it off with the Coffin Harness Purse to keep your tools of mayhem in check!


Go into 2022 with a little yeehaw. The Killstar Nix Fringe Dress is the LBD of your Wild West dreams, strapped in with the devilish Rib Caged Harness. No buckaroo can go out without their kicks and the Torment 170 Boots are the tallest cowboy boots around. Top it off with the Sinner Canteen Bag and you'll be the baddest spook in the West!


The cybergoth revival starts NOW! The sleek Vertebrae Dress will make you look like an assassin from the future while the holo Damned 225 Black Holo Boots will keep you looking killer all night in comfy flatforms. The Sickly Sweet Waistbag and spiked Impale Harness are the final touches you need to party past midnight.


Shed a tear for the fallen year! Mourn in black lace with the Alana Lace Dress and morbid Maudlin Veil. Restyle's Della Morte Necklace and the Roux Handbag bring graveyard chic and you can finish it off with the Victorian vibes of the GOTHIKA-53 heels or the chunky comfort of the CAMEL-103 Mary Janes.


Dance from dusk til dawn, only breaking to celebrate at midnight! The Amaymon Collar Dress is a super cute velvet number, matched by the stunning CAMEL-203 black velvet boots. Moonlit accessories will have you standing out, including the practical Waxing Crescent Bag and Iron Moon or Moon Bat Belt from restyle depending on how much of a creature of the night you wanna resemble. The Unsacred Heart Necklace is the final topper, sitting cutely in the keyhole chest.

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