Help us Raise Funds this Pride with Queerstal Confetti

Help us Raise Funds this Pride with Queerstal Confetti

As the vibrant colours of Pride Month fill the air, our queer owned and operated biz is proud to present a special edition fundraising Crystal Confetti that encapsulates the essence of LGBTQIA+ celebration and solidarity!

As the vibrant colours of Pride Month fill the air, our queer owned and operated biz is proud to present a special edition Crystal Confetti that encapsulates the essence of LGBTQIA+ celebration and solidarity!

Introducing Queerstal Confetti – a captivating blend of crystals representing the diverse experiences of the community. Join us in spreading love, support, while raising funds for Pride Foundation Australia, an organisation dedicated to championing LGBTQIA+ rights and empowering marginalised individuals within the community.
LQBTQIA+ Crystal Confetti

Embrace the magic of Queerstal Confetti

Our Queerstal Confetti is a carefully curated assortment of crystals & treasures, each infused with a specific meaning that embodies the spirit of the LGBTQIA+ community. From love and acceptance to strength and healing - this vibrant blend captures the essence of Pride Month.

Among the crystals featured in our Queerstal Confetti, you will find:

  • Rose Quartz: Symbolising love and acceptance, this crystal encourages compassion and empathy within ourselves and towards others.
  • Sunstone: Known for fostering self-empowerment and optimism, sunstone encourages personal growth and positivity.
  • Tiger's Eye: Offering protection and courage, tiger's eye helps navigate challenges and promotes inner strength.
  • Green Aventurine: With its energy of self-love and positivity, green aventurine helps eliminate negativity and fosters a healthy mindset.
  • Aquamarine: This crystal promotes peace and harmony, creating a calm and balanced environment for all.
  • Amethyst: Known for its strength and healing properties, amethyst empowers individuals and promotes overall well-being.

LGBTQIA+ Crystal Confetti

Supporting Pride Foundation Australia

At Tragic Beautiful, we believe in creating change and fostering a more inclusive world. That's why every purchase of Queerstal Confetti contributes to a greater cause. The proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated to Pride Foundation Australia, an organisation at the forefront of advancing LGBTQIA+ rights and supporting marginalised communities.

Pride Foundation Australia is a fantastic organisation actively working to promote systemic change through fundraising, grant giving, collaboration, and commissioning projects. Their dedication extends to the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQIA+ community, including individuals with disabilities, those experiencing homelessness, asylum seekers and refugees. By supporting Pride Foundation Australia, we can help make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

LGBTQIA+ Crystal Confetti

Pricing Options

To encourage greater contributions and maximise the impact of our fundraiser, we're offering three pricing options:

  1. Queerstal Confetti - $49.95: This standard option includes the vibrant blend of crystals and supports Pride Foundation Australia.
  2. Queerstal Confetti + $10 Donation - $59.95: By choosing this option, you contribute an additional $10 to further aid Pride Foundation Australia in their mission.
  3. Queerstal Confetti + $20 Donation- $69.95: Opting for this choice contributes an additional $20 to support Pride Foundation Australia's initiatives.

LGBTQIA+ Crystal Confetti

Join Us in Spreading Love and Empowerment

As we celebrate Pride Month, let's come together to honour the LGBTQIA+ community and uplift marginalised voices. Our Queerstal Confetti is not just mesmerising; it's a symbol of unity, love, and acceptance; each scoop is intuitively selected by the hands of your queer BFFs at Tragic Beautiful. By purchasing this limited edition confetti, you actively participate in making a positive impact and supporting Pride Foundation Australia's vital work.

Head here to grab your scoop!

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